Dr. Baker

Dr. Baker specializes in cardiovascular biology—specifically devices and interventional technologies to prevent atherosclerosis and restenosis. His research focuses on vascular mechanotransduction, or the study of cell and tissue responses to mechanical forces. Additionally, his lab works to advance vascular drug delivery and testing of drugs to be used for vessel regrowth and heart revascularization.


  • April 2015: Victoria Le passes her Qualification Exam!

  • April 2015: Sub hamoy Das's paper "Nanoscale Strategies: Treatment for Peripheral Vascular Disease and Critical Limb Ischemia," is accepted to American Chemical Society Nano!

  • March 2015: Jason Lee's paper "Computational analysis of fluid flow within a device for applying biaxial strain to cultured cells," is accepted to Journal of Biomechanical Engineering!

  • February 2015: Victoria Le's work on "Murine model of femoral artery wire injury with implantation of a perivascular drug delivery patch," is accepted to Journal of Visualized Experiments! More

  • October 2014: Subhamoy Das successfully presents his talk in BMES 2014!

  • October 2014: Victoria Le successfully presents her talk in BMES 2014!

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  • Research

    Vascular Biology

    Our laboratory seeks to better understand the basic pathophysiologic processes that underlie atherosclerosis, stroke and other vascular disorders.

  • Research

    Therapeutics for Peripheral and Myocardial Ischemia

    Our laboratory seeks to understand why growth factor based therapies have failed to treat ischemia in patients and seeks to create novel therapeutics to increase growth factor effectiveness in this context.

  • ResearchMechanobiology

    Our lab is developing novel devices and molecular techniques for studying how vascular cells sense and respond to mechanical forces.

  • Research

    Implanted Cardiovascular Devices

    Our group works to understand the fundamental mechanisms that control the biological response to cardiovascular devices such as endovascular stents with the ultimate goal of designing more effective interventions for cardiovascular disease.